BHP 81: How to Use NLP to Create a Magnetic Mindset

BHP81: How to Use NLP to Create a Magnetic Mindset

My wonderful client, Wynter Noel, is sharing her experience with my Money Mindset breakthrough Session using NLP and TIME Techniques.
These sessions use brain-based techniques to identify the sources of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and offer learnings and a new perspective so you can show up differently in your work and life.
Wynter is generously sharing her breakthrough and how it’s helped her in launching her business, Wynter Star Virtual Solutions, where she helps people go live with confidence and get more views on their live content so they can generate leads.
I love these techniques so much because mindset has been the biggest game-changer in my business. Growing past my beliefs of worthiness helped me learn to love sales, start a podcast and create my awesome Facebook group. These were all things that allowed me to connect with people and grow my business doing work that I love.
If you are interested in using these techniques to change your beliefs so you can show up in new ways to grow your business and feel more confident you can sign up for a free consultation to see which coaching program is right for you and how NLP can help you make a quantum shift.
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