06: Grounding Yourself With Ancestral Wisdom With Becca Piastrelli


In This Episode

Becca Piastrelli, formerly The Dabblist, is a creativity coach, sisterhood circle space holder, podcaster, nature lover and a big believer in the importance of working with your hands. She helps women to quiet their mind, deepen their roots, and remember that they belong. 

We talk about blocks that we have and natural talents that we may have inherited genetically from our ancestors. Becca tells us how we can feel more grounded and connected by exploring our family history and using our hands to create things. Learn how to take small steps today to feel more connected to your true self. 

Find Becca at: beccapiastrelli.com  / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / The Lunar Lab Podcast

We have to do our own inner work of loving ourselves“.



• Pay attention to how you walk in the world.

• Remember that you belong. It’s self-harming to listen to the belief that you don’t belong.

• Remember that you are connected to a line of women that have been around for 1000’s of years.

• Break the “imposter syndrome” and be the true you.

• Failure helps you to be a smarter decision maker. Those moments don’t make you. These moments inform you and give you confidence for future decisions.

• Remember that simpler ways of being are healing.

• Pay attention to how you fill spaces of time. Allow yourself some white space where you are turned off but tuned in to yourself.

• There are simple ways to bring back the connection to extended generations: work with your hand and let the magic happen by doing things like cooking, gardening, art projects, knitting, sewing etc…, share your stories, follow your intuitive curiosity, and be a part of a women’s circle and enjoy the fellowship.

• There are ways to connect to your ancestry now: Take a DNA test, if you have access to it, read your genealogy, asking ancestors for guidance in your dreams, build an ancestral altar, read folklore, eat traditional foods, listen to the music and learn the dances of your ancestors.

• Finding out your ancestral roots can bring you home to yourself and and give you a sense of rootedness.

"Remembrance is where the magic happens".


On smart phone addiction: https://gardenparty.love/technological-hygiene-short/

Maternal haplogroup through DNA test: https://beccapiastrelli.com/clan-mother/
How to connect to ancestral lineage: https://beccapiastrelli.com/guide-to-ancestor


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