Find your cosmic Calling


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Natalie Walstein is one part intuitive astrologer and one part career coach at Soulshine Astrology and the host of the Cosmic Calling Podcast.  Using the ancient wisdom of astrology with a modern twist, she helps creative souls in need of direction unlock their cosmic calling and courageously align their life & career with their soul purpose.

“You have to start before you’re ready. Say you are who you want to be. Act as if you are that person and then you become them”

In this episode, Natalie shares how she was working as a graphic designer, but felt it was time for a change. She began using astrology to find her higher calling and career direction. She realized that the idea of combining astrology with her experience in building her design business completely lit her up. Find out more about Natalie’s journey and how you can use astrology to find your calling or shift your current business to align with more purposeful work for you.

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