EP24: Stop Asking for Permission & Create Your Own Path with Liz Theresa


About Liz Theresa

Liz Theresa, business coach and founder of LizTheresa.com, has been helping entrepreneurs find clarity and uniquely market themselves with confidence for the past 7 years through her strategic website design and clever copywriting services. She wants every entrepreneur to rise and be the star of their own business.

She is the founder of Concept to Creation™, her flagship program in which she blends her role as both a strategist and website designer / developer for her clients. Concept to Creation™ helps her clients bring their ideas to life online in the form of an irresistible brand and a captivating website.

Liz has been a featured woman business owner in WE USA and has also been credited in Business News Daily, Elephant Journal, and CEO Blog Nation. She’s been interviewed on a variety of podcasts including So Money with Farnoosh Torabi, The Online Genius Podcast, Entrepreneurs in Motion, Savvy Social Hour, Making Moxie, and Jumble Think to name a few.

Liz lives with her husband James, a US Air Force Veteran, in the Boston area. When she’s not working with clients, she’s recording episodes of her podcast Liz on Biz, drawing her entrepreneurial cartoons (find these on her Insta stories!), or dancing like no one is watching (except they are) at Zumba class.

In This Episode

Liz and I talk about how to create your own path as an entrepreneur. Listening to your intuition, trusting yourself, building a team, and celebrating your wins along the way are all parts of Liz’s success.  Liz shares real life stories of how to lean into your own voice and stop asking for permission.

Find Liz at: liztheresa.com  / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Liz on Biz Podcast

“Why are you asking permission? Just do it.



Keep in mind that you have no idea what career opportunities will be presented to you. Sometimes, it takes awhile to peel those layers back to find where you are meant to be.

Collaboration trumps competition. You will always be you and will have a unique take that reveals itself in the creative process.

Celebrate the milestones. Take time to pause, and enjoy where you are right now.

Don’t worry yourself by asking, “Why am I not there?”. There’s a good chance that you already are.

When your business is going through a slow time, know that it’s normal and be comfortable with that. The extra time you are given is worth it.

Building a team is essential in order to create a balance in your life. You will know when it the time is right to begin that process, and you will naturally attract the right candidates.

Listen to your body when you are making changes in your business and dealing with clients. Your intuition will let you know if it is what you need to do and to whom you should offer your services.

Be careful seeking opinions on your product. If you feel it is necessary, do thorough market research. Avoid throwing something up in a social media forum and ask for input.

Build confidence through experience and forming your own systems and processes. If you don’t, people will know when you are not sure of yourself, which usually has less productive results for everyone involved.

“We don’t stop enough to say “Wow” about ourselves...I think that’s so sad."