EP22: Appreciating Where You Are in Your Business With Eva Jannotta


About Eva Jannotta

Eva Jannotta, is a cutting-edge content and social media marketing expert and the founder of Simply Put Strategies (SPS). SPS is a digital marketing company on a mission to provide first-class digital marketing services to women-owned businesses, mission-driven entrepreneurs and public figures who want to build flourishing and profitable communities and businesses by creating meaningful connections with clients and prospects. Eva hosts the weekly #MarketingMinutes Facebook Live interview show, featuring women entrepreneurs on their best marketing strategies to build your businesses, and how they are learning to trust themselves and ignore the haters.

In This Episode

Eva and I talk about how so many people feel like a failure because it takes them time to figure out who they want to work with and how they want to do it. This isn’t a failure. It’s an important part of the process in getting to the place in your business that feels right. Listen in as we talk about fear, anxiety, and listening to your intuition to guide you in growing your business.

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I believe it’s possible to have a world where women have the economic and political power we deserve“.



Building your business is a process, from finding your ideal client to what you want your business to be. So, be patient finding your why. It will take time, and that’s okay.

Even if you don’t know what who your ideal client is yet and your purpose is still in the formative process, you are still serving people and progressing.

Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is good, but sometimes it means you need to pivot.

Support other business women by seeing one another as resources and collaborators and just being your true self.

As your business grows, fears will arise. Work through them by not having a knee-jerk reaction. Set them on the back burner and let them marinate. It will allow you to get used to the idea, and your strength strength will build.

You can’t anticipate how all of the small things you do will unfold in the future. Don’t discredit them.

Most people are multi-passionate. Don’t feel like you have to do one thing and limit yourself.

Learn to flex your intuitive muscle by differentiating between anxiety and excitement. Listen to yourself and your body. Pause, there’s probably nothing you can do about it right now anyway.

Try to be the creator of your own platform. It helps you make connections and grow your business.

If the same thoughts and feeling keep coming up pay attention and acknowledge them, even if they seem illogical and don’t make sense….YET.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take".