EP20:How to Live & Thrive with Multiple Dream Jobs With Dominique Anders


About Dom

Dominique Anders is a business and life coach for creative professionals who know what they want but are struggling with making it happen. They’re driven and motivated but tired of feeling like they’re spinning their wheels. She helps them get out of their head so they can follow through on their ideas and build momentum in their business.

In This Episode

Dom shares how she built an amazing career in television, but once she had everything she wanted she realized she needed something different. Dom was able to shift her career to allow her to start her own business, keep doing the work she loved, and make time to be a Mom. 

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Look at all of the accomplishments you’ve done, and be appreciative and realize that you have done a lot of stuff and made a huge impact“.



Remember that material gain does not define success, your mindset does.

Live life from the perspective that you are living on your own terms. If you do, you will more likely be more relaxed, have less stress, and really “live” life.

If you let go of the stress of expectations, everything seems to click better.

Define your own sense of balance in all areas of your life. Balance may occur in larger increments. For example, you may find it easier to have weekly balance instead of daily balance.

You really can do whatever you want to do. It just might take some time, and that’s okay!

"I got my life exactly where I wanted it, and then I decided to flip it upside down and start over.".


Summit of Influence- August 20-24

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