EP18: How to Build a Financial
Foundation for Your Business
With Kesha-Simone Jones


About Kesha-Simone

Kesha-Simone Jones brings with her a background rich in depth and width, and her experiences and training have traveled several paths.  Her company provides outsourced CFO and business strategy services to clients within the professional services and not-for-profit industries. 


In addition to her vast professional career, Kesha-Simone has a strong passion for serving her community. One of her passions is her commitment to the youth and the importance of strong families as seen in her volunteer efforts which include being a board member of the Maryland Family Network and previously being an advisory board member and speaker for the Maryland Business Roundtable for Education Speaker’s Bureau. She also manages to direct her time and energy to being a member of the AICPA and the Maryland Association of CPAs.

In This Episode

Kesha-Simone shares how getting sick forced her to take a good look at her business and make some major changes. She sold a portion of her business and went from having a team to going back to operating as a soloprenuer. Find out how to create a business that will support you through your own life changes. 

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Sometimes you’re put in situations in order to stop and be still“.



  • Take the time to assess your business, and remember that success doesn’t always mean you are making money.
  • As a business owner, give yourself the “okay” to change your branding as your business changes and grows.


  • Reaching a flat plain is NOT a step back. It is a chance to see where else you may want to build.


  • Don’t be discouraged by financially lean times. Take it day by day and stay focused on the end goal.


  • Look at the whole picture when with your clients. This will help you pinpoint the source of weak areas to help serve them better. The outward effects are sometimes not the root of the problem.


  • If you don’t know enough about an aspect of your business, get the help you need.


  • Tips for small businesses: 1) Make sure you build a foundation that includes your processes and structure for the business you hope to grow into, 2) Determine your revenue goal, 3) Get an account system in place, and 4) Be proactive in your approach to growing your business.


  • Be realistic about the fact that your professional and personal life will intertwine. So, set a goal to establish a balance between the two, and remember, how it may look will vary about what is going on in each.


  • Things don’t always have to be perfect in order for you to be content.

"Put a foundation down for the business you want to be, not necessarily where you are.".