EP 17: How to Navigate Motherhood
With Hehe Stewart


About Hehe Stewart

HeHe is the founder of Tranquility by HeHe, a Maternity Concierge Service in the Boston area. She aspires to bring a spa-like environment to your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience through elite, customize care. TBH birthing is an exclusive experience for expectant parents who believe they can have a beautiful birth and are looking for compassionate, encouraging, and unbiased support.

Reproductive justice and positive parenting communities are two platforms that HeHe believes in fully. She has taught in the field of Early Childhood Education for 8 years and serves as an expert resource on child development, birth through the first three years of life. She is a Birth Doula, Certified Family Life Educator(P) and Infant Feeding Specialist.

In This Episode

Hehe is an advocate for women’s health, specifically expectant mothers. Her journey began as a behavioral specialist who worked with autistic children. After a period of time in an infant classroom, she began to notice common struggles and questions new parents experienced. Hehe then somewhat fused her passions and decided to use her knowledge and expertise to launch Tranquility By Hehe, which helps new and expectant mothers cope with the extraneous needs of infant care.

Find Hehe at: tranquilitybyhehe.com  / Facebook / Instagram / ThenTranquility Tribe Podcast

You can still have a village and be that super parent“.



  • A doula is someone who physically, mentally and emotionally supports new parents. They also offer educational support for new  and expecting parents.
  • Build a village of support. Search out people that can help you and share the same energy. Everything will flow much easier.
  • It is okay to ask when you need help. Be willing to accept the help and extend help to others when the opportunity is presented to you.
  • Take what you learn in different realms and fuse them together to create what you need and have a passion for.
  • Learn to laugh.
  • Don’t judge others or yourself when help is needed. Reframe your thinking to where there is no shame in either.

"Shit happens literally and figuratively. Just go with the flow.".