EP 14: Clearing Your Chakras & Finding Power in Your Authentic Self
with Tracey Owens

Clearing your Chakras & finding power in your authentic self with Tracey Owens


About Tracey

Tracey Owens is a writer, speaker, teacher, and empowerment catalyst. She is the founder of Remember Your Truth where they offer the pathways for people to find true connection and transformation to live their most empowered lives.

In This Episode

Tracey and I talk about limiting beliefs, energetic blocks, and the things that keep us from being in alignment with our true selves. Tracey shares how to connect with your intuition, clear your chakras, and listen to your body so you can be your authentic self and step into your power.

Find Tracey at: rememberyourtruth.com  / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter 

“When I let go of the mask I am feeding the peace, the ease, the grace & harmony that’s within me”.



    •  Our chakras are our energy centers and store memory. When making decisions, listen to your body and be aware of   stored negative energy that may hold you back.
    • When listening to your body, acknowledge where barriers and limitations have been created. Turn this into something valuable by learning from them and shift your perspective to break them down and get to your authentic, true self.
    • Your 3rd chakra is your power center. Tap into that natural strength and power source in order to operate authentically with confidence and no apologies.
    • We are all born with intuitive skills. Get into a quiet space by meditation or whatever works best for you. You are creating a moment of pause to consider if what you are creating is in alignment with your true self. If it is not, this quiet, reflective space you have created is an opportunity to redirect your course.
    • By developing your natural intuitive skills, you are acknowledging your “gut feelings”. Listen to them. You are realigning back to your true self and saying “I matter” and my own voice matters.
    • Being the most authentic version of yourself gives other people permission to be who they truly are, and that is a superpower.
    • Make sure the stories you are telling yourself about yourself are feeding you and serving you. If not, choose to transform those self perceptions.
    • By being your most authentic self, you are building up the light of others.

"Each and every moment we are at will, and if we have not healed around our wounding, that emotional suppression… that is still the driving factor in our lives."