EP 13: Fighting Injustice, Selling Hope, & Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
with Amber Runyon


About Amber Runyun

Amber Runyun is Hospice Nurse who became a social entrepreneur. She founded Legacy and Eleventh Candle Co. out of the desire to bring hope to women both in the United States and in Ethiopia who’ve been vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction. Focusing on providing a therapeutic work setting that allows all women a fair chance and opportunity to grow. 

In This Episode

Amber shares with us how she started her business with $250 dollars and a lot of Google searches, what she has learned about human trafficking, and how this work effects her personally. Find out how she is changing women’s lives by creating a company that heals and how you can help.

Find Amber at: eleventhcandleco.com  / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / 

“I believe that if we teach little girls to dream they will be the force that changes this world. I believe more than that; that if we can teach broken women to dream like little girls again it will be a force that the world has yet to see.”




  • You can make a change in the world if you just start somewhere. You don’t have to have it all figured out.
  • Human trafficking is a problem everywhere and we are all closer to it than we think. 
  • We have to pay attention to the way media effects our boys and girls. Then, have conversations with them about what they see. 
  • We need to talk to our kids about what healthy sex in a relationship looks like.
  • You have to make self-care a priority. 

"I don't actually sell candles. I sell hope."


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