12: Building a Company That Gives Back and Supports Women with Meg Wheeler

Building a Company That Gives Back and Supports Women with Meg Wheeler​


About Meg Wheeler

Meg Wheeler is the Co-Founder and CEO of One For Women, a Boston-based mission-driven startup with a goal of connecting people and supporting and empowering women-owned businesses. A realtor turned international tax accountant, turned startup CEO, she believes in constant reinvention and never taking yourself too seriously. When she’s not kicking butt, you’ll find her working on her children’s book, training for her private pilot’s license or spooning with her rescue dogs. 

In This Episode

In this episode, Meg shares how she left her corporate job and started a company that gives back and supports women owned businesses. We talk about motherhood and the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Listen in as Meg gives her tips for getting through the hard times and making it work. 

Find Meg at: oneforwomen.com  – Save 10% with the code BEHEARD / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest

“For us it’s not good enough just to send a cool product. We want you as the recipient, and you as the customer to learn where that product comes from and connect with a woman maker doing something great. “



  • You don’t have to have a perfect plan to make the leap into entrepreneurship.
  • Focus on just one thing everyday. If you finish that one thing, then you have had a successful day.
  • Except that everyday is going to have high highs and low lows.
  • Forget the Mom guilt and do what is best for your family.

"For anyone who feels like they have to have this huge plan in place before they jump, you don't. So much is going to change anyway after you dive into something like this".


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