EP 80_ Jamie Morocco

BHP80: How to Create Long Term Success in Health & Wealth With Jamie Morocco

Jaime Morocco is an Expert Weight Loss Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She specializes in helping women bust through their weight loss plateaus and finally create a body that looks AND feels amazing.
In this episode, Jamie and I are talking about the keys to long-term success in health and wealth. We share the goal of helping our clients master long-term success strategies rather than create codependent relationships with limited success. Jamie shares the connection she sees in how entrepreneurs manage their health and their business and how upleveling in one area always positively affects the other area.
In this episode, we chat about
→ Managing health goals and biz goals at the same time
→ Why sustainable strategies are KEY
→ How to use parallels between building your business and your dream body
→ How confidence is a huge game-changer in all areas of your life

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