Why Another Podcast

When I decided to launch my business I expected that there would be challenges like getting clients, balancing my work and home life, and managing finances. What I didn’t expect was to have to face off with any insecurity I EVER HAD.

It held me back and it made my first and second year of business very hard. I finally figured things out and began to help others do it too. While working with entrepreneurs, to  help them launch and grow their business I found that they too were facing their insecurities. They too struggled with creating content, showing up on social media, and launching their website. What we shared was a fear of being seen while wanting to stand out and be heard.


We as women have a universal struggle to find our voice.


Finding your voice is the real meaning of authenticity. Nothing feels better than speaking what is true to you, even when it is hard. It’s a complete alignment of heart, mind, and soul.


How do we do this? How do we show our true selves to the world on social media when everyone else has a highlight reel, and we feel like people won’t like us? How do we show up for our families and our teams when we feel like a fraud? How do we stand out when we are paralyzed by anxiety or suffering from trauma or depression? How do we put our work and our words into the world when a little voice inside is saying, “you are not good enough!”? How do we stand tall and leave the situations or people that are holding us back and keeping us from our true purpose?


You may think you are the only one who has ever had fears, self-doubt, or situations that keep you quiet, as I once did. The struggle to find our voice is universal and having conversations to let people know they are not alone is the first step in making some noise.


Talking about where the root of this need to be quiet comes from is a conversation I can’t stop having. As I talk to women and they share with me their story and their own path to finding their voice, the more I know we need to have these conversations.


Recording this podcast has been one of the most joyful experiences of my life. Hearing stories from entrepreneurs who are creating change in their lives so they can empower other women is truly inspiring. I hope you feel inspired and supported in your journey too.


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